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             WILL-MENTORSHIP PLAN / ​導師計劃: 

                       1.)    WILL-Internship Program

                       2.)    WILL-Mentorship Event

1) WILL-Financial Internship Program 2021


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2) WILL-Mentorship Event 2021

     i)    attended by EY Partner  

     ii)   over 10 Mentors will be invited. ( list as below ) 

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Mentor Committee

(Invitation in progress):

1) Mr. Andy Leung:

     Partner (China Tax), Ernst & Young 

​2) Mr. Paul Pong 龐寶林: 

​    Managing Director, Pegasus Fund Managers Ltd   

    Chairman & Founder - Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (IFTA)

​3) Mr. Jimmy Pak 栢展輝:

​    Group Chief Executive Office, RedFord Holdings Ltd.

​4) Dr. Ilex Lam 林家強博士:

​    Founder & Chairman,  iEnterprise Foundation

    Chairman - Impact Investing Research Committee of Greater China Alternate                      Managers Association​

5) Dr Victor Lee 李仕權博士:

     Executive Director, The Hong Kong Management Association

6)  Mr. Ken Hui:

     Chief Operating Officer of Fullgoal Asset Management (HK) Ltd.

7) Mr. Saron Leung:

     Industry Head, Financial Services of GOOGLE HK.

8) Mr. Samuel Yung:

    Executive District Director & Honorable Advisor 

9) Mr. Joel Gallo: 

    Former Columbia University Alumni Association (CAA) Guangzhou Advisor

    CEO, Columbia China League Business Advisory Co. 

10) Dr. Louis Poon:

      Vice Chairman of Asia Family Offices Association

11) Mr. Peter Pang

      Co-Owner, Associate Director of Hong Kong Broadband Network [HKBN: 1310.HK]

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Supporting Scheme 2021

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